Masterly the Hague 20-23 september 2018

Unique handmade céramique pièces
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esther van der sluis

Dutch Designer


Esther van der Sluis (born 1969) is a Dutch ceramic sculptor and painter. Van der Sluis lives and works in the countryside in the Netherlands.
Her mother is a professional painter and introduced her to arts at a very young age, specifically teaching her how to observe and analyse with an artistic eye. This ‘nurture’ and her ‘nature’ first took her to photography and drawing.

Nowadays, Esthers’ main focus is on ceramics and Plein Air painting, although still she is being asked for interior design projects.
Plein Air means actually working outside with the easel and oilpaint. In these paintings she tries to capture the beauty and the mystery of the landscape at a certain moment.

Wether it is in clay, paint or interior design her handwriting is recognizable. Often you’ll find contrasts; fragility versus sturdyness, subtile shapes versus unpolished edges. Brilliance versus humble expressions. State of the art techniques (like 3d printing in porcelain) are combined with very traditional artisanal techniques.
Her handwriting is also found in a consequent use of a specific colour schemes. Earthy and sober, recognizable in her own developed glazings but also in her paintings.
She tries to capture the essence, the unbearable being of life, which is the integral search in her works of art.